Spain: Here I come

Today is September 22 which means it is already time for me to scoot on over to Spain on the Balearic Islands. This past week has been a real doozy leaving very little time for me to grasp the fact that I am moving abroad in less than 12 hours. My brother’s lung collapsed on Wednesday last week (for the fifth time since June!) in what doctor’s consider a completely spontaneous occurrence common in tall, lanky dudes like my brother. So on Friday he had surgery to remove the blebs causing the problem and rough up the lung wall to make the darn thing stick. So my life has been somewhat consumed by trips to Portland to visit him even though he is extremely grumpy and in a lot of pain. But he’s coming home today so I’m going to make a quick stop at the hospital to say goodbye before I head out to the Seattle airport to fly away.

As for the details of Spain, I’ll be working for two different schools and teaching English to elementary aged students. Although I have no idea what to expect, I am really excited to get moving and start this new chapter of my life. I’ll be gone for nine months which is difficult for me to even grasp at this time. When Andy and I fly in, we are going to stay with a couchsurfer to save money and meet new people. That should be interesting to say the very least. Our first priority will be to find an apartment asap but the demand is high so we’ll have to be savvy and wily to find a nice place in a good location.

Signing out for the last time on US soil. Besos.

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