The Volta Region: By the Numbers

3 Asia bus breakdowns
1 flat tire
2 hours of time waiting for the Asia bus to cool down
9 village children who helped carry water to cool down the bus
12 gallons of water to cool the Asia bus down
1 time that the Asia bus no longer started
1 bus switch
11 hours of driving time
8 foreigners picked up while stranded on the side of the road
2 out of 3 central beams with cracks on the Adomi suspension bridge over Volta Lake

1 hotel called Chances
120 rooms in Chances that were quite possibly all haunted
1 wonderful hot shower
1 bowl of corn flakes with cold milk

3 instances of monsoon rain
2 times caught outside in the monsoon rain
2 lightening storms
1 onset of malaria for fieldtrip director Doc
1 great substitute fieldtrip director Sonny
1 debilitating case of runny stomach
2 times to stop the bus because of the runny stomach
1 time pooping on the side of the road in damp bushes
4 Imodium tablets
2 pepto bismol chewables
1 of the tallest waterfalls in West Africa
1 time being pounded by water while ducking under the waterfall to touch the rock wall
347 bats that flew over the waterfall every time that one guy blew his horn
1 monkey sanctuary filled with Mono monkeys
10 times getting soaked by standing under branches while monkeys jumped on them
2 times holding bananas to monkeys while they peeled and gobbled and threw the peel back at incredible speed

Number of times I thought about leaving Ghana in a week with an aching heart: countless.


One thought on “The Volta Region: By the Numbers

  1. Hi Jessica,So sorry about the bus breakdown, but it’s yet another great story. I miss you all– thought about the Volta trip all last weekend. I love your pics. In comparison my weekend was very forgettable! Leslie

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