Internship Experience

I have now officially been at my internship for two full days. I ride the tro-tros to get there, and boy are they an experience. Besides the discomfort of being crammed into a gutted van with 20 other people, catching a tro-tro takes time and a great deal of patience. Sheena and I have internships in the same part of town so we commute together and catching a tro-tro took an astounding 35 minutes of waiting by the side of the road this morning. Then, it was another hour of traffic to finally get downtown near enough to walk, which took another 15 minutes. Luckily enough for me, I do not have to catch multiple tro-tros to get where I am going.

Everyone at Public Agenda is very nice and helpful. Today I went on assignment to a CD release press conference for a reggae artist. It was a pretty fun time and I was able to travel by myself, another learning experience. However, a reporter, Frederick at Public Agenda, drew me a wonderful little map with quite a few markings to find my way around. And one of the best parts about being here is that most people speak at least a little English so I always ask everyone if I am heading the right way. I felt very professional at the press conference although I had to take my own photos and I struggled to make them look good. Oh well. I did my best. I have a lot of down time at the internship between assignments so I get in a bunch of reading time. Tomorrow, I might be going to a domestic violence shelter because a new bill was just passed to protect women. If it happens, I know it will be a powerful experience. All is well here and I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!

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