Falling Asleep in Lecture

Ok, there’s a lot to update on and we found a great free internet site here at the University of Ghana that allows me more time to write and reflect on everything that has happened so far. Yesterday and today we’ve had lecture at the University of Ghana on media history and different forms of media. All the speakers have had unique viewpoints on the role of the media. Sadly, I fell asleep during yesterday’s morning lecture (I wasn’t the only one and luckily also not the one yelled at), but after a quick infusion of easy-to-find coca cola and a few bites of delicious ginger snaps, I was up and running again. We were in a room with air conditioning that made life freezing, especially after walking to the university and working up a fantastic layer of sweat. The sweat here becomes a way of life and I have decided a sheen at all times just makes me look healthy. For dinner, we went to a tasty pizza parlor at a gas station near the University and took full advantage of a “two-for-one” pizza deal ordering 8 pizzas in all. They were really quite good and since cheese is very expensive here, a good change from other things I’ve been eating.

Our living accomodations are quite nice. There are 13 of us total and Molly, Logan and I all live in one room together (all girls). I’ve been trying to stay healthy on a vegetarian diet which can be a bit of a challenge since protein staples include chicken and fish, but I am taking a multivitamin and my malaria medication regularly, so far so good. Naps are becoming a regular occurence in my life as the heat and humidity takes its toll.

We found a delightful bar across the street a couple nights ago that serves Star and Club beer (the only 2 options) for $1.20 each but they stand about a foot tall. I can not finish two but a beer at night takes the edge off and it’s a great way to meet Ghanaians, who are more than happy to converse, dance and hang out day or night. I can’t say enough how kind and accomodating the people here are. It is truly a heart warming place. I will try to post photos soon.

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